Flatiron District apartments for rent.

Flatiron District apartments
Just in case you don´t know it The Flatiron District is a neighborhood in the New York City borough of Manhattan, named after the Flatiron Building at 23rd Street, Broadway and Fifth Avenue.Lot of people consider it a  nice destination for living and dining in fine style. How much are the rents and how good are the apartments for rent at Flatiron District?

I strongly suggest you take a look on Jacob Krupnick photography works in Flatiron    District  to feel the exactly taste of this area. You can se some of his best pictures here (it´s in Spanish but images have not language 🙂  )

And you will probably agree than one of the bigger values in Flatiron is the people. Lot of cool activities every day,  a very dynamic culture wave and perfect opportunities to go social (in the physic world).

Searching for more pictures and videos about this neighborhood i found this website and it has an amazing interactive virtual window: you can really feel your screen like a window in a high rise apartment at Flatiron District when you enter here http://onesixtymadison.com/

Also the indoor designs on this building looks so much beautiful and yes, probably very expensive. But if you can´t afford it at least you can enjoy it taking a look here.

Two things got my attention in the One Sixty Madison website and sound like a good opportunity for moving to this wonderful NYC neighborhood.

1- One bedroom apartments are about 4 grands. Very reasonable for that level of luxury and amenities quality.
2- Also you can read  in the website “Two Months Free and One Month OP on a two year lease,One Month Free and One Month OP on a one year lease”. So if you consider one of these options the monthly cost can goes even lower.

Is Flatiron District for you? Well: only you can answer this question. But here at Apartments For Rent try to share some help for you before making a decision.

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