Midtown West apartment rentals/for rent.

midtown west apartment rentals

You finally consider moving to Manhattan and you are searching the best option. Well, Midtown West is home to some of the city’s most iconic buildings: the Empire State, the Chrysler Building, and the UN headquarters. But you can find a lot of more there…

Midtown West has a lot of Dance Clubs and restaurants and all what you need to turn every night unforgettable specially in the Hell’s Kitchen area. And who knows? Maybe you can even meet Daredevil climbing some of the buildings ready to sign you an autograph.

But what about rentals in Midtown West? Let´s take a look at Mercedes House one of the well know apartments building in the neighborhood.

Mercedes House is a very vanguard  design by architect Enrique Norten that has recast the New York skyline. Norten created a zigzag footprint and a silhouette of cascading green roof terraces that allow for unobstructed views of Clinton Park and the Hudson River. It looks like a giant stairway in the middle of the city.  So cool about how it looks but amazing views from the inside.

If you never visited Mercedes House in Midtown West please take a look at it´s official website where you can find a virtual tour. You will love the innovative design in this age of “shoe box” style buildings: http://www.mercedeshouseny.com/the-building

Honestly is one of these places i wish to say “Yes i actually live here”.

Average rent in this building is around 4,000  (1 bedroom, less for studio apartments more for two bedroom apartments) so if you consider the place, the neighborhood, the building itself and the rental cost in Manhattan it´s very affordable for luxury apartments with nice views.

If you move to Midtown West don´t forget to live the Broadway theater experience, something unique in the world. I mean the Theater District and Lincoln Center along Broadway with more than 40 professional theaters.  As a theater lover i  visited some of them and trust me, sometimes i think about moving Midtown West only for going every day to a different Theater.