Rent in Amityville, Suffolk County: 2 bedrooms or 1 bedroom apartment?

suffolk county 2 bedrooms apartment
Amityville: more like a fairy tail than like an horror novel. (Art by Jonas Hummel inspired in pictures from Greybarn apartments)

Amityville is a village in the town of Babylon in Suffolk County, New York. And maybe if you are a little supersticious it is the last place you want to rent your next apartment due to the book by American author Jay Anson, published in 1977 and all the subsequent movies about it. Believe me: Amytyville has nothing to do with horror and looks like the perfect places for living during a while.

Suffolk County in Amityville is not cursed or witched but you can bet it is magic. Some places resemble small Europe towns and we can´t imagine any place more peaceful wen walking a little for Suffolk County small and clean streets.

Honestly the places seems better for a family than for a single person. So the question arrives itself: one bedroom or two bedroom?   If you have plans to stay 1 year or 2 keep in mind most properties in Suffolk County are more spacious than properties in bigger cities. So if you are married with just one kid maybe you all can feel comfortable with a 1 bedroom home here.

As any parent now it is near impossible to accommodate 2 kids in a one bedroom apartment. Specially if they are coming teenagers and want some privacy (yes they will complain about a private room all the time) .  So if you are married with 2 children maybe you have no other option than rent a 2 bedroom apartment and use one of the bedrooms for the kids and the other for you. (except for these special nights were you will rest in the coach as usual so try to find one with confortable furniture 🙂 )

Rent yes should be a little scary. Some apartments are a little expensive in Suffolk County it doesn´t matter if 1 or 2 bedrooms. But once again if you are searching for a green, quiet, peaceful area to find inspiration for future projects or for starting a family this may be your best choice and this is priceless.