Pet friendly apartments in Midtown Manhattan.

Manhattan is a great place to live at, it´s a frenzy city full of magic and surprises and it´s most people´s dream come true to rent an apartment in the Big Apple, but if you own pets then you know how hard it is to find a pet friendly apartment, especially if your dog is big.

Fortunately there are still many places which admit your best friend as a new guest and in this post we´ll give you the tools of how to find theses apartments.

There are also regulations about pets and apartments that do admit animals in a residence such as “The Pet Law”.

This Law gives tenants in all multiple dwellings, cooperatives, rental housings and almost all condos the right to keep a pet even if there is an applicable “no pet” clause in the lease.

Under this law if within 3 months, the landlord fails to know about a tenant´s open and notorious harboring of a pet, the tenant has the right to keep his pet.

This law applies to unit owners, as well as renters.

The exception to this rule is if the tenant lies about a pet saying he settled the case or that the dog is temporary, so what the tenant should say in this case in order, not to lie, is that the dog is his and that he´s keeping it.

On the other hand if you are thinking about moving to a pet friendly apartment using google is a great option! Just type down the phrase “pet friendly apartments for rent in Midtown New York” and you will find dozens of options to choose from.

Also at Zillow you can search for this option and don´t forget about where finding luxury pet friendly apartments for rent are just at your fingertips!

So now that you know how to find the perfect home for you, search yours and move with your best friend to the apartment of your dreams!




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