Apartments Where You Can See Amazing Sunsets on the Hudson River

apartments-where-you-can-see-amazing-sunsets-on-the-hudson-riverWho doesn’t love an amazaing sunset?  I bet you see at least 3 pictures of sunsets posted on your facebook page each week.  Sunsets are awesome no matter what part of the country you live in, but sunsets over a body of water have got to be the most awesome.

Living in a coastal state, we get more than our fair share of picture opportunities.  Especially, if we live right on the coast or on the edge of the Hudson River.  If you live in an apartment building, you dont even have to leave your house to take the opportunity to snap that moment in time.

Living in Bergen County, or more specifically, Fort Lee, NJ, there are several places for you to take advantage of this type of view.

Twenty50 by Windsor at 2050 N Central Rd in Fort Lee is just across the street from the Fort Lee Historic Park overlooking the Hudson River and the George Washington Bridge.  Living in any of the upper floor apartments, you can take advantage of the views and light up your facebook page to make your friends jealous.

The Modern at 800 Park Avenue in Fort Lee is another luxury apartment building with views of the G. W. Bridge and the Hudson River.  It is actually just one block West of Twenty50 by Windsor.  Every residence at The Modern has a view, so get to know your neighbors, and enjoy a 360-degree view of the surrounding area.

A little farther off the water at 177 Main Street in Fort Lee is the Hudson Lights complex.  You still have great views of the river, the Fort Lee Historic Park, and the George Washington Bridge.

In Edgewater, NJ, there are a couple more complexes on the Hudson River waterfront where you can get great views, The Oyster at 15 Somerset Lane, and The View at Edgewater Harbor.  These two complexes are right on the water, just South of Pier 115.



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