Luxury Apartment Rentals in Midtown NYC Inspire Australian Development

Surfers Paradise will soon see NY Style Midtown luxury ApartmentsNew York style amenities make their way to Australia…

Aww…the wonder of Australia. For surfers around the world, Queensland’s Gold Coast is one of the best surfing spots on the planet. Even with the threat of shark attacks, day in and day out, surfers paddle out to the line-up to wait for their next great ride. Founded in 1933, Surfers Paradise is the jewel of Queensland’s Gold Coast and one of the most popular vacation destinations. The wide surf beach is familiar to the area as “Surfers”, and the suburb has many high-rise apartment buildings creating a spectacular city skyline.

There are plans to build yet another high-rise apartment building in Surfers Paradise directly on the beach with private access. With a price tag of over $1 billion, it’s a triple tower resort to be called Tower Three, and surely could compete with luxury apartment rentals in Midtown New York City. Australia hasn’t seen some of these exciting Midtown luxury apartment amenities before. For instance, Tower Three will be the first to offer a 24-hour concierge to be housed in Tower Three’s private lobby. From a reliable babysitter, a midnight ice-cream craving, to organizing a helicopter ride over the city, even day-to-day duties like organizing pet care, dry cleaning drop off/pick up, car washing and maintenance or grocery shopping will be available with just a phone call. The 108-apartment tower has also banned vacation partying “to ensure maximum comfort and privacy” for its permanent residents. While the price for a one-bedroom apartment starts at just over $1 million, a three-bedroom apartment can cost up to $4 million (Australian dollars). Tower Three will be officially launched in July 2017.

Currently, this tower rivalry is on-going in Surfers Paradise. One of the world’s skinniest residential towers is set to rise in Surfers Paradise with a level of luxury to rival its neighbor Tower Three. The unnamed project will tower 45 stories tall and feature “skyhome” units taking out entire floors, such as a two-level sub-penthouse and a three-story penthouse. Also planned are a resident’s only beach house and a resident’s wellness facility and spa.

In Surfers Paradise, there is also the Orion Tower boasting 103 stories which, when completed, will be the Southern Hemisphere’s tallest building. With more than 2,200 apartment units, Orion Tower will absolutely be an outstanding addition to the Surfers Paradise skyline.

I wonder what other Midtown luxury apartment amenities will appear in Surfers Paradise with the tower competition moving forward…


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