Mixed-Use Apartments to Rent in Brooklyn Heights are Coming in 2018

The Pierrepont is a new mixed-use apartments in Brooklyn Heights

Ever wonder how new buildings get their names?

There are new, mixed-use apartments in Brooklyn Heights being built at The Pierrepont. The Pierrepont will feature two towers, each 19 stories high. The two towers will be connected by a common, two-story retail space, situated at 189 Montague Street and 146 Pierrepont Street.

So, The Pierrepont is located on Pierrepont Street. Who is Pierrepont?

Hezekiah Beers Pierrepont was a merchant, farmer, landowner and land developer in Brooklyn during the early 1800s. Pierrepont came from a long-established New England family, and his grandfather was one of the founders of Yale University. Pierrepont settled in Brooklyn in 1802. In upstate New York, the town of Pierrepont, New York, is named after him, which was a wedding gift of half a million acres of land from his father-in-law. Pierrepont purchased 60 acres on what was then called “Clover Hill,” now Brooklyn Heights, and built a mansion there.

However, the street in Brooklyn Heights is named in honor of one of Hezekiah’s sons, Henry Evelyn Pierrepont. Henry was the most well-known member of the family, who was extremely dedicated to Brooklyn and, as a city planner, was responsible for the creation of the layout of streets and public spaces. It was he who built up the retaining wall that held up the Heights. Henry built a house atop this embankment, near the intersection of two streets that bear his name. His house stood there proudly until it was demolished in 1946 to make way for a children’s playground, called the Pierrepont Playground.

There you have it…The Pierrepont name explained. Now there will be new apartments to rent in Brooklyn Heights to honor the Pierrepont family name.

The Pierrepont’s 86 apartments are two and three bedroom luxury residential units. Each will feature a washing machine and dryer, hardwood floors, porcelain tile bathrooms, stainless-steel appliances, and stone countertops with ceramic tile backsplashes. Twenty percent of the buildings’ apartments have been set aside for affordable housing and are expected to hit the housing lottery sometime before summer 2018.


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