Shopping Near Court Square Close to No Fee Luxury Rentals

Residents of No Fee Luxury Rentals Near Court Square Need More Options

New York City is famous for a lot of things like nightlife, tourist attractions, Broadway shows, and endless shopping. These things all exist within the boundaries of Manhattan, but what if you want to live outside of Manhattan? Could you still live in a neighborhood that offers everything you get in the heart of the city?

Today, we will look at the up and coming neighborhood of Long Island City, just across the East River from Midtown Manhattan in Queens.

If you live in the Hayden’s no fee luxury rentals near Court Square, you will find most of the local destinations to be art galleries or restaurants and bars, but little-to-no department stores or clothing boutique type stores. Luckily, that may be changing in the near future.

The lack of retail stores in the area was the main topic of conversation at the LIC Summit that was held at the end of June. Local developers, realtors and business owners discussed the progress taking place in Long Island City that will draw new retailers to the area. The Real Deal covered the story in a June 20, 2017, article, just after the LIC Summit concluded. There was a panel discussion that covered the subject called “Retail as Placemaking,” lead by Patricia Dunphy of Rockrose Development. Panelists agreed that Long Island City has all of the necessary infrastructure in place to bring in more retail stores, but progress has been slow. One panelist, Natalia Macias of Tishman Speyer, was quoted as saying, “Retail begets more retail, and we feel that retailers especially are herd animals, right? They like to be near other retailers.”

In many cases, it only takes the courage of a few to take the first step towards creating a successful retail destination. If the first few retailers find the Long Island City to be profitable, it will draw the attention of more retailers.

Shop owners would be wise to conduct a survey in the area to see what type of stores residents would like to see in the neighborhood. Those residents in LIC apartments with a dog grooming station may want to see more pet stores in the neighborhood.


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