What to rent/where to rent.

blog about apartments rental
To rent or not to rent an apartment?

Some people rent apartments because they don´t have the money enough for buying one. Some others just don´t like to live at the same place for long time and prefer keep moving from one place to another… and you can´t do this easily if you are your home´s owner. (except if you are a snail of course)  This blog is about rentals. It doesn´t matter if you love to rent or if you hate it. You can find a lot of tips, info and opportunities here.

Most difficult thing to know about an apartment is it´s real value. Maybe because each property means something different for different tenants .

If you love city  landscape views and you find a breath taking landscaping view from the window you feel any rent cost worth that view. If you love birds maybe you think this dove full windows is perfect for your mornings.

So the key about find the perfect apartment for you at the most reasonable digit as possible is comparing, comparing and comparing. Searching, searching and searching.

You need to understand the moment to keep quiet and wait for another one but you need to know how to identify a unique opportunity when you are in front of one.

This blog is written for “expert tenants” with years of experience renting and moving from one apartment to another. And we all agree that the best apartment is always the next one.

Welcome home tenant!

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